Competencies for the Data Science Workforce

Understanding the competencies required for different roles is critical to workforce planning and development. After identifying a gap in the existing frameworks relating to IT and business analytics, the D2D CRC developed a Data Science Competency Framework and a tool to support individuals and teams to identify their development needs. This workshop will provide an overview of the Data Science Competency Framework and the Development Planning Tool, including recent updates. With a focus on practical implementation in your organisation, we will explore how the competencies can be utilised to better understand your data science workforce make-up, for recruitment and development. We will also have a discussion about how required competencies might change in the future as the field continues to evolve.


This workshop is for managers, team leaders and senior staff involved in recruiting, developing and managing resourcing for data science/analytics teams. It is also designed for workforce development, recruitment and human resource staff working with data science/analytics teams.

To register please contact Megan Prideaux at [email protected]