Demystifying Stochastic Modelling For Data Science

What’s It About?

This seminar aims to demystify some of the maths involved in data science with an introduction to stochastic modelling. Focusing on concepts, including in what situations they work well (and when they don’t), and some key factors to be aware of, the seminar will also incorporate a case study that demonstrates how stochastic models can be successfully applied to forecasting in a health context.

Who’s It For?

Anyone who wants to know more about data science modelling but may have been discouraged by the maths involved, plus anyone interested in the application of stochastic models.

Our Presenter:

Dr Robert Cope is a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Mathematical Sciences in the University of Adelaide. He works on the D2D CRC Beat the News Disease Prediction project. He completed a PhD in Biological Science at the University of Queensland in 2014 and has worked on applying mathematical models in a variety of biological applications, including disease modelling, invasive species risk analysis, and marine mammal ecology.