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June 25, 2019

This is a blog from D2D CRC CEO Sanjay Mazumdar.

I can honestly say that D2D has been the most enjoyable chapter of my career

The D2D CRC has achieved its mission and will be winding up as planned on 30 June 2019.

We set out on a five-year mission to build big data analytics capabilities to help the national security community create a safer and more secure nation, as well as help build a sustainable data science workforce for Australia. I believe we have achieved this…and more. However, our legacy does not end there. Much of the D2D capabilities will continue through our two spinout companies, NQRY and Fivecast and these look like they will become successful businesses in their own right. I encourage you to follow up with these companies to continue to access the D2D capabilities.

The D2D has been a wonderful journey…from the initial concept, to the 18-month bid process to the 5 years of operations. It’s been an amazing and very satisfying ride. I thought I’d take this opportunity to list some of the things that have given me great satisfaction and pride.

* I am very proud of the organisation and culture we created – it’s been one of focussing the end-user, delivering to their needs, being innovative, working hard and having fun (our foosball competition is legendary).

* I am particularly proud to see how the team members have grown and developed – several D2D staff have gone on to bigger and better things at other companies and that makes me delighted. 

* I am especially proud that we have made a tangible difference to our national security partners through the capabilities we’ve delivered and advice we’ve provided.

* I’m also proud of the fact we’ve help to develop agency staff and the broader data science community through our education and training activities – over 2000 people have benefited from these activities.

* I am especially proud that we’ve helped organisations in sectors like health, agriculture and manufacturing start their data analytics journey.

* I am very pleased with the innovative and thought-provoking research we have undertaken.

Our research partners have been fantastic in supporting our mission. I am extremely delighted that we have supported over 70 PhD students, 50 honours students and interns and helped school students understand the potential of STEM careers. I hope to see these students go on to have fulfilling careers and be future data science leaders.

Finally, I am very proud that the D2D has achieved a reputation of excellence – it was truly touching when an intern recently told me how desperately he wanted to work with us as he’d heard so many good things about D2D.

I can honestly say that D2D has been the most enjoyable chapter of my career. The people have been amazing, and the work has been extremely satisfying. I hope those of you who engaged with the D2D have had an equally positive experience.

Please have a look at our 1 min video which highlights the work of the D2D CRC.

Please keep in touch. Regards, Sanjay

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