Education & Training

D2D CRC’s mission includes developing a sustainable data workforce for Australia, a goal that is being achieved through a number of strategies including courses, data competency projects and student scholarships.

All Education and Training strategies are underpinned by the principles of:

  • Sharing –expertise and experience, networks and social learning
  • Growing – developing skills for the future workforce
  • Applying – taking a hands on, practical and applied approach

D2D CRC’s projects involve leading edge research and development where new techniques, methods and models are created and tested.  D2D CRC seeks to share the experience and expertise gained with a broad audience through learning opportunities such as short seminars, master classes and guest lectures.  Working with academic partners also helps to develop and deliver quality courses on data analytics for professionals at all levels.

PhD Scholarships

The D2D CRC is sponsoring over 52 PhD scholarships to exceptional candidates researching areas such as predictive analytics, knowledge graph construction, natural language processing, law and policy, image and video understanding and visualisation.

Honours Scholarships

The D2D CRC offers Honours scholarships annually. Scholarships are provided to students studying a range of degrees including data science, computer science, software engineering and mathematics.

Summer Scholarships

Recognising that students often require practical experience, the D2D CRC Summer Scholarships offer students with strong academic background the opportunity to undertake work experience over the summer break.

Professional Development

D2D CRC’s professional development activities form part of its commitment to developing a sustainable Big Data workforce across Australia. By offering a number of development options, D2D CRC aims to train 1000 data scientists.