Professional Development

Professional Development

The D2D CRC's projects involve leading edge research and development where new techniques, methods and models are created and tested. Subsequently, D2D CRC aims to share the experience and expertise gained with various audiences through seminars, workshops and short courses on topics ranging from machine learning to reference architecture. The input of the CRC's academic partners further enhances the quality of these professional development options. 




Upcoming Seminars

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Previous Seminars

Exploring the World of Data Science - 24 January 2019, Canberra

This presentation, by Dr. Murli Viswanathan, hones in on understanding characteristics of data and its management, the data science process, managing data-intensive projects and understanding the critical success factors for successfully navigating the data science tool landscape. Dr. Viswanathan also shares some perspectives on the future of AI and machine learning.

Click below to watch the presentation, and download the slides here to follow along: 

The Responsible Application of Data Analytics - 02 February, Adelaide

This presentation reported on the outcomes of a project to establish 'Guidelines for Responsible Data Analytics', comprising a checklist of Do's and Don'ts.

Using Deep Reinforcement Learning to Tackle Complex Problems - 02 February, Adelaide

This seminar focused on the intuition behind Deep-RL, how it compares (and differs) to other machine learning methods. Some commercial applications were also discussed.

Big Data in Health Analytics - 19 July, Adelaide

This seminar focused on D2D CRC projects that have been conducted in the health analytics space and their potential to improve the quality of health care in Australia.

Big Data Analytics With Elastic - 4 April, Adelaide

In this seminar, guests learned how Elastic's open source technology has helped solve big data issues in near real time, as well as how these tools are being used at D2D CRC.

Deep Learning for Computer Vision - 27 February, Adelaide

Recent developments in self-driving vehicles indicate that deep learning for computer vision is making giant advances but how do we train machines to see? This seminar included presentations from three expert speakers on computer vision.

Modern natural language processing with deep learning - 07 December, Adelaide 

This seminar focused on the D2D CRC’s leading-edge experimentation with using emojis to train a deep learning model for sentiment analysis. 

Demistiyfing Stochastic Modelling for Data Science - 06 July, Adelaide

This seminar aimed to demystify some of the maths involved in data science with an introduction to stochastic modelling. The seminar focused on concepts, including in what situations they work well (and when they don’t), and some key factors to be aware of.

Counting Sheep with Data Science – 11 April, Adelaide

This seminar covered how D2D CRC have applied data science processes and techniques to improve automated sheep condition scoring.

Advanced Techniques for Machine Learning Model Design – 03 November , Adelaide

This seminar focused on the process of building increasingly accurate, yet increasingly cumbersome, predictive models using ensembling and stacking, and then the process of streamlining these models using distillation, aka “the dark knowledge”.

The Challenges of Big Data Management – 24 August, Sydney

This seminar provided an explanation of the unique challenges presented by Big Data, including insight into the evolution of Big Data tools and technologies.

Building a Data Science Platform – 10 August, Adelaide

This practical talk described how D2DCRC has developed a data science platform that interfaces with a variety of technologies, data and languages to build advanced analytical systems.

Regulation of Big Data – 03 August, Melbourne

The expert panel discussed the many questions relating to the regulation of Big Data in Australia from legal, governance and privacy perspectives.

Agile methodologies for Big Data R&D – 26 May, Adelaide

The presenter discussed his experiences in tailoring agile methodologies to suit fast prototyping within Big Data research projects.

Big Data Leaders Series

Designed for managers, team leaders and senior technical experts, the Big Data Leaders Series will focus on strategic, policy and management issues relating to big data. Held every three months over half a day, topics planned for this year include managing open source data, machine learning and designing policy for the management of data.

If you are interested in finding out more on the Big Data Leaders Series, please contact [email protected]

Competency Framework

Understanding the types of skills, abilities, knowledge and aptitude that contribute to successful data science is essential to building a data science workforce.  In response, the D2D CRC has worked with government, industry and academic stakeholders over the past two years to develop a Data Science Competency Framework describing 20 key data science, data analytics and data engineering competencies. The competencies have also been utilised to develop an online self-assessment tool that enables individuals to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, including development options.  Collating individual’s responses, team reports can also be provided that enable organisations to better understand the strengths and areas for development of their data science team.

Find out more about the Framework here.


In support of the goal to create a sustainable data workforce, D2D CRC is offering to host the staff of other organisations for up to three months while they develop enhanced skills and work on a project of value to the national security industry. A fellowship with D2D CRC is an opportunity for individuals in the data science industry to take on a challenging project and learn new technical skills in an environment outside of their current organisation.  Individuals taking on a fellowship will continue to be employed by their organisation, but will be located at the D2D CRC headquarters in Adelaide, becoming part of the team and working closely with D2D CRC staff, University and industry partners.  All of the projects include elements of research and development in leading-edge areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, object identification in images and video and natural language processing. 


Short Courses

D2D CRC will be running a series of short courses throughout 2018, facilitated by Deakin University. The courses aim to build an introductory or detailed understanding (depending on skill level) of the concepts underpinning big data and a variety of approaches, tools and techniques to solving data analytics problems. If this is something you would be interested in please contact i[email protected]

The Short Course Terms and Conditions can be found here


For more information on any of the Education and Training programs please contact [email protected]