Big Data in Health Analytics

The use of data science in health is lagging behind most industries, however, its importance is steadily being realised. This seminar will focus on D2D CRC projects that have been conducted in the health analytics space and their potential to improve the quality of health care in Australia.

Presentation 1: Monitoring Cardiovascular Outcomes: Are all hospitals equal?

Presenter: Dennis Horton

We live in an age where we receive highly accurate suggestions for the best movie to watch next, however, we have no accurate information about our chances of short term survival after a cardiovascular procedure. Or which hospital would produce the best outcome? In this presentation, we will discuss the challenges involved in health analytics and how its value is steadily being recognised. This seminar will detail recent D2D CRC contributions in this space, focussing on a large scale cardiovascular outcomes project.

Presentation 2: Modelling of reporting behaviour in the FluTracking surveillance system

Presenter: Dennis Liu

Online participatory health surveillance systems provide convenient and near real-time self-reporting of symptoms. FluTracking is one such platform for monitoring influenza-like-illness (ILI) in Australia. Due to the voluntary nature of the platform, individuals reporting behaviour may vary over time. This leads to implications for modelling ILI incidence. This presentation will cover the work being done in estimating the probability of an individual reporting in any given week, given their behaviour. This can then be used to reduce bias in estimates of disease prevalence developed from online participatory datasets.

Who’s it for?

People interested in learning more about how and what data science techniques are being applied to the health analytics space.

The Presenters:

Dennis Horton, Health Analytics Program Lead, Data to Decisions CRC

Dennis Liu, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide

To Register:

This is a free event. To register for this event please email [email protected] by July 17.