Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Recent developments in self-driving vehicles indicate that deep learning for computer vision is making giant advances but how do we train machines to see? This seminar will include presentations from three expert speakers on computer vision, followed by a panel session where questions arising from the seminar can be discussed by the presenters and audience. Commencing with a brief, but intensive, overview of the background and latest research in deep learning for computer vision, the seminar will review some different techniques, how they have been applied and the challenges involved. A case study example of how deep learning is being applied to developing autonomous vehicles here in Adelaide will also be presented.

Who’s it for?

Anyone interested in understanding deep learning in relation to computer vision and how machines can be trained to identify, analyse and utilise information from images.

Our presenters

  • Mr Adrian Johnston, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide
  • Mr Hayden Faulkner, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Jason Scholz, Research Leader, Trusted Autonomous Systems, Defence Science and Technology Group

This event is hosted by the University of South Australia Innovation Collaboration Centre.