Sheep CRC

D2D CRC has collaborated with the Sheep CRC to develop new databased products to make sheep management easier and achieve better outcomes for sheep well being and productivity. Many hard to find factors affect the health of sheep, such as access to nutrition or parasite infection. Natural variability and difficulties monitoring the condition of indicial animals across vast properties makes it especially difficult to manage these risks within larger flocks. The Sheep CRC and D2D CRC worked together with agricultural data collection firms to develop an application which adds precision when managing the wellbeing of livestock. The application will complement farmers’ grazing knowledge with detailed data about their livestock, pastures, and genetics, and predict opportunities and threats to their business from the weather, pests or disease. 

The application is now complete. For more information visit ASKBILL


Precision to Decision Agriculture

D2D CRC has recently completed the Acclerating Precision Agriculture to Decision Agriculture project which was undertaken with 14 rural research and development corporations (RDCs) across Australia. The unique project aimed at exploiting big data opportunities for the Australian agriculture industry. As part of the project, a solution was designed for the use of big data in agriculture with the aim to increase the profitability of producers, provide clarity about data ownership and access rights, and improve farming strategies. The project was supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit programme. The final reports can be found here.

            Program Lead

            Dennis Horton