2016 Annual Conference

The 2016 Data to Decisions Annual Conference saw over 160 attendees gather at the Hotel Realm in Canberra on November 15th. D2D CRC’s CEO Sanjay Mazumdar opened the conference which followed by an introduction from D2D CRC CTO Brenton Cooper.

The day comprised of numerous presentations on topics including Big Data Management, Architecture & Knowledge Discovery, Intelligence Analytics & Forecasting, Data Curation, Narrative Visualisation, Law & Policy and Extracting Intelligence from Multimedia.

Presenters varied from D2D CRC software engineers and data scientists, university researchers from University of South Australia, University of New South Wales, Deakin University, University of Adelaide, Australian National University, University of Queensland and Monash University as well as various presenters from external national security agencies.

D2D CRC would particularly like to acknowledge Dr Tim Dwyer from Monash University who presented on Immersive Analytics and Dr Xue Li from University of Queensland whose research on a social opinion search engine which was recently tested on the American elections.

The event was concluded with an Annual Conference Dinner expertly mc’ed by Cath Ingram, Board Member of D2D CRC and also included special guest speaker CRC Association CE Dr Tony Peacock who highlighted the contribution of CRC’s to Australia.

The dinner was also an opportunity to showcase exceptional teams and individuals within D2D CRC. Congratulations to the following award winners: 

Innovation Award – Beat the News Team

The Beat the News team is led by Nick Lothian and consists of researchers, developers and PhD students from the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide. The program seeks to develop, integrate and evaluate technology that will automatically and accurately predict the occurrence of future population-level events. The team are constantly exploring new statistical and machine learning techniques for detecting emerging topics. In addition, the program is being created with customisable features that can be applied to any field.

National Security Impact Award – Integrated Law Enforcement Team

The Integrated Law Enforcement team is led by Matthew Heather and Andrew Feutrill and consists of researchers, developers and PhD students from UniSA, UNSW and Deakin University.  The program aims to provide police forces and analysts with uniform access to integrated information located in diverse data sources. The platform developed to date has been acknowledged as having significant potential to enhance the work of intelligence analysts from a range of agencies.  

Collaboration Award – Law & Policy Team

Led by Professor Louis de Koker of Deakin University, the Law and Policy team firstly established a strong, collaborative relationship between academics and students from Deakin University and the University of New South Wales.  They have since collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders to the benefit of their projects including government agencies, particularly the Attorney-General’s Department, the Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection and the Institute of Law and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  The team also recognise the need to integrate technical expertise into their projects thereby providing better support for effective and practical policy development and thus making them worthy winners of the Collaboration Award.

Early Career R&D Award – Dr Wei Kang

Wei is a valuable member of the Proactive Approach to Civil Unrest Team at UniSA and has been part of the Beat the News project since November 2015.  As a Research Fellow on the team he has delivered and implemented several models for the Beat the News system. In particular, the time series Markov model designed by him has greatly improved the prediction accuracy for civil unrest events.  Wei also demonstrates excellence in research/work.

CEO Award – Dave Blockow

Dave has worked with D2D CRC as a Software Architect since September 2014 and has been a key contributor to the Apostle program, the Big Data Reference Architecture and the development infrastructure generally.  Dave has developed many positive relationships both with colleagues at D2D CRC and external partners and is a well-respected member of the team who is happy to share his expertise with others.  Dave always represents the D2D CRC in a professional manner, whether in project meetings or when speaking at seminars and events, and demonstrates a passion for quality outcomes.

D2D CRC congratulate all nominees and award winners and thank everyone involved in this years’ event.

For further information or details on how to be involved at next year’s Annual Conference please contact Megan Prideaux at [email protected]