ANU joins the D2D CRC Apostle Project

Data to Decisions (D2D) CRC is pleased to announce The Australian National University (ANU) has joined the D2D CRC as an Other Participant. ANU is a world-leading university located in Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

The ANU team, led by Associate Professor Lexing Xie, will be contributing key capabilities to the Apostle project, with the aim of developing core techniques to learn image-centric knowledge graphs by connecting large collections of image/video and their descriptions to existing knowledge bases with encyclopedic, lexical, and common sense knowledge.

Apostle is a collection, analysis and visualisation framework to surface useful intelligence on individuals, groups, countries, events or other entities from the open source information on the Internet. D2D CRC’s Apostle project will be powered by an internet scale knowledge graph to enable information analysts to connect disparate pieces of information into actionable intelligence.

“The partnership with the ANU will further enhance the entities and relationships in the knowledge graph with representative images to enable deeper analyses and improvements into knowledge extraction techniques from multimedia” said Ross Buglak, Apostle Project Lead Architect.

The three year project funded by D2D CRC will provide ANU with access to end users, data subscriptions and the D2D CRC Data Science Platform which provides large amounts of real world data.

“ANU and the Research School of Computer Science is excited to be partnering with D2D CRC. This represents an important alliance for the School” said Professor Alistair Rendell, Director of the ANU Research School of Computer Science.

“It recognises our depth of expertise and provides our staff and students with a great opportunity to work with industry and government on developing big data capabilities that enhance national security.”