D2D CRC launches new technology start up

MEDIA RELEASE – 30 June 2017

Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC) is excited to announce the launch of its first spin off company, Fivecast. The technology powering Fivecast™ has evolved from the D2D CRC’s Beat the News project which commenced in 2015 with the aim to build an automatic forecasting capacity for law enforcement and national security agencies. The collaboration between D2D CRC, Adelaide University, University of South Australia and various law enforcement and national security agencies has led to the creation of world leading forecasting technology.

“The D2D CRC is very proud and excited to launch Fivecast™. This technology start-up will advance the event forecasting technologies developed in the CRC’s Beat the News project to capture market opportunities in national security and other markets such as cyber security and corporate risk protection. The ability to create the Fivecast™ company in such a short timeframe is a testament to the focus and drive of the D2D CRC team and the support of our CRC partners” said Sanjay Mazumdar, D2D CRC Chief Executive Officer.

Organisations increasingly require hyperlocal information about events and their impact in real time. Currently, this is a manual process and analysts are incapable of capturing the volume, velocity and relevance of risk information contained in data. Fivecast™ is able to automatically and accurately predict the occurrence of future population-level events such as social disruption, political crises, election outcomes and disease outbreak.

“Unlike most social media monitoring tools, Fivecast™ does not just reveal what is happening now. Fivecast™ looks into the future to predict what will happen, when it will happen and why” said Brenton Cooper, Fivecast™ Chief Executive Officer.

“It is the only predictive geopolitical risk analytics platform in the market.”

By utilising Fivecast’s capabilities, agencies will be better informed and able to take a proactive approach rather than reacting to the potential consequences. For more information visit www.fivecast.com.

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