D2D CRC to reduce the burden on South Australia’s emergency department’s

Data to Decisions CRC (D2D CRC) has made great progress on its Emergency Waiting Times Application with the tool nearing a beta version release. The application provides waiting time information and directions for all South Australian metropolitan hospitals helping both patients get the quickest medical attention and reducing the burden on emergency departments.

The application, funded by the Department of State Development, considers a patient’s current location (or any location specified) and combines this information with emergency waiting times for all South Australian metropolitan hospitals, as well as with google travel information. This highlights the most optimal emergency departments according to wait and travel time.  The tool also includes specific hospital information such as direct phone numbers and emergency department maps.

The D2D CRC Health Analytics team has developed the application with guidance from various key stakeholders including SA Health.

“The tool is a "go to" application for any medical emergency. By using the tool, patients will be able to make more informed decisions” said Dennis Horton, D2D CRC Health Analytics Project Lead.

“It will eventually guide the user to the most appropriate service to access. For example, someone with a minor cut may be able to access a nearby super clinic instead of an emergency department which will reduce the burden on hospitals. If uptake is large enough general medical advice could be directed to users as well.”

Currently, the Emergency Waiting Time Application will be available in web form and as a smart phone application. The tool is expected to be launched soon however the products capabilities will continue to be optimised and refined with the guidance of SA Health and other medical professionals. New additions to the tool include adding alternative clinic information, triage indicators and medical direct hotlines.


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