First Law & Policy project completed


The Law and Policy Program team of the D2D CRC has recently completed their first research project Big Data Technology and National Security: Comparative International Perspectives on Strategy, Policy and Law in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. 

The Project is a collaboration between researchers from University of New South Wales and Deakin Law Schools. The Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department also provided support to the project.

The main aim of the project was to examine the policies, regulatory approaches, processes and strategies used by the three countries to balance the management and exploitation of Big Data for law enforcement and national security purposes, while safeguarding confidentiality and security of sensitive personal information, as well as the accuracy of data sets. The findings were examined for their relevance and applicability to Australia.

The project made use of both legal and policy analysis and empirical research to investigate stakeholders’ perceptions of the current applications and future possibilities of Big Data for law enforcement and national security and the effectiveness of current regulatory frameworks and practices governing the use of Big Data.

“In an emerging and fast changing area such as the use of Big Data for national security, this project has demonstrated the benefits of using cross-disciplinary methodologies. The success of the project owes a great deal to Professor Louis de Koker, Law and Policy Program Lead, for fostering a spirit of collaboration between the two Law Schools” said UNSW Law Professor Janet Chan, Project Lead.

The project is also an excellent demonstration of a successful collaboration between industry and researchers.

Results of the project have been presented to the CRC in five research reports. These results were communicated to stakeholders and will be published in international journals and books in the coming months.