South Australian manufacturers leverage Big Data


The first round of the Big Data Connect Program has been a great success for South Australian manufacturers. The initiative from the Department of State Development enabled South Australian manufacturers Seeley International, Mayfield Industries and SEAPA Pty Ltd to work with Data to Decisions CRC to investigate opportunities to leverage Big Data to deliver value to their business. Big data is one of six key areas the Government of South Australia is concentrating on under its Manufacturing Technologies Program.

“A critical component of these projects was to move past the Big Data hype and develop some prototypes for the participating manufacturers to start using and see for themselves the value that can be delivered through Big Data. Now they have had the opportunity to see the value in their own business, many have expressed interest for further development and are looking at commercialisation opportunities to deliver extra value and services to their customers” said Innovation Exchange Program Lead, Troy Wuttke.

“It is a great example of how D2D CRC, who is primarily focused on Defence & National Security, has been able to transfer its R&D and skillsets to benefit another core industry in Australia.”

Seeley International has worked with the Big Data Connect Program to investigate opportunities to improve performance and efficiency of their coolers through the use of data mining.”

“The program has been excellent in exposing the potential for data based business opportunities and making us aware of analytics such as machine learning which has the potential to improve performance and efficiency on a global scale” said Seeley International General Manager, Rob Gilbert.

Data to Decisions CRC has implemented the Big Data Connect Program as part of their Innovation Exchange program which is focused on the transfer of know-how and technologies to other data intensive sectors such as advanced manufacturing. The program is a vehicle aimed at up-skilling small to medium enterprises.

Engineering company Mayfield Industries are now able to gather customer specifications faster to reduce project bid cost estimations, improve bid response times and increase pricing estimate accuracy as a result of the program.

“We have recently utilised the Budget tendering package during a presentation to a new client.  Within a matter of minutes the tool was quickly able to predict pricing for a number of Switchroom scenarios leading to the client providing us with confirmed requests for quotation and preferred supplier status.” said Mayfield General Manager, Chris Ware.

“The budget and text mining tools are also saving the Estimating and Design team precious hours in a day to concentrate on real projects and accuracy in first costs.”

D2D CRC worked closely with each manufacturer over a 4-8 week period in order to analyse existing and external data and in turn identify the opportunities from adopting the technology in each organisation.

Aquaculture company SEAPA are now equipped with knowledge on big data analytics to give them a competitive advantage in expanding their operations internationally and offer a unique service to their customers.

“Working with the Data to Decisions CRC through the Big Data Connect Program has really opened our eyes to the power of Big Data and the ways which it can support the growth of our business.” said SEAPA Pty Ltd Business Development Manager, Andy Will.

“The D2D CRC team worked hard to understand our business, which enabled them to provide real insights into the best applications for Big Data within it. If this program did not exist, Big Data would have just remained a popular ‘buzz word’ for the team at SEAPA, but after completing the Big Data Connect Program we look forward to actively investing in projects which will allow us to make better, data driven decisions in the future.”

Manufacturing and Innovation Minister, Kyam Maher was also thrilled with the results of the first round of the program.

“Capturing the vast amount of electronic information that businesses generate is one thing; being able to use it and integrate it with open source data to identify patterns, trends, and associations to create new revenue sources, business models or enhance business performance is quite another.

I’m very pleased this program has made a measurable difference to these manufacturing companies, by using existing data, turning it in to something meaningful and delivering commercial outcomes.”

The second round of Manufacturers on the Big Data Connect Program are set to commence their projects in coming months.