Innovation Exchange

D2D CRC proactively works with industry (particularly small-to-medium enterprises), other research institutes, government agencies and industry associations on Big Data challenges in other sectors through the D2D CRC Innovation Exchange.

This program is aimed at exchanging technology and know-how from the national security focused R&D activities to other sectors through activities such as:

  • seminars and workshops;
  • contract R&D projects; and
  • technical advice and guidance.


The Australian agricultural sector is undergoing a data awakening. As a result, D2D CRC is working with various agricultural sectors to transform the industries processes.


D2D CRC is working with the Department of State Development to investigate opportunities to leverage Big Data in order to deliver value to South Australian manufacturers.

Health Analytics

D2D CRC’s Health Analytics project’s aim to solve a variety of health related issues through the application of Big Data techniques.