Law & Policy

The Law and Policy program investigated aspects of the policy and legal framework that would balance societal and individual interests and enable appropriate implementation of the Big Data tools such as those developed by the D2D CRC. The Law and Policy Program was a program shared between the La Trobe Law School, Deakin Law School and UNSW Law.

The program's research was directed by the needs of government end-users, channelled through the Attorney-General’s Department as the government lead on appropriate laws and policies in the national security and law enforcement space.

The program team was awarded the Collaboration Award of the D2D CRC in 2016 in recognition of the strong, collaborative relationship it established between researchers from different universities and end-user agencies.


Recommendations for legal reviews submitted

Including the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review and the Comprehensive review of the legal framework governing the National Intelligence Community.


Publications produced

Including papers, articles and one proof of concept delivered to government end users.


Collaborative research group established

Including Australian law and technology researchers to address law and policy complexities and improve data governance.

Program and Project leaders

Professor Louis de Koker

La trobe University

Professor De Koker was the program lead for the Law and Policy program. He also led three D2D CRC projects focused on topics such as a governance framework for the National Criminal Intelligence System (undertaken for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) and identity proofing (requested by the Attorney-General’s Department). In 2019 he was awarded the D2D CRC’s CEO Commendation for outstanding leadership of the D2D CRC Law and Policy program.

Professor Lyria Bennett Moses

University of New South Wales

Professor Bennet Moses led four Law and Policy projects focused on topics such as ‘open source’ data and information for defence, national security and law enforcement purposes; information sharing and the NCIS; designing a balanced, enabling regulatory framework for data-based decision-support technologies used by law enforcement and national security in Australia; and articulating law and policy principles for guiding Big Data usage for defence, national security and law enforcement purposes.  In 2017 Professor Bennett Moses received a D2D CRC CEO award for her research and leadership.

Professor Pompeu Casanovas

La Trobe University

Research Professor Pompeu Casanovas led the CRC project ‘Compliance by Design (CbD) and Compliance through Design (CtD). Solutions to support automated information sharing’. The project was aimed at the development of (semi-)automated legal compliance solutions for information sharing related to the National Criminal Intelligence System. The project focused on the Spent Conviction Scheme and in particular on spent conviction use cases formulated by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

Janet Chan

University of New South Wales

Professor Chan led the project ‘Big Data Technology and National Security: Comparative InternationalPerspectives on Strategy, Policy and Law in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada’. The project examined the policies, regulatory approaches, processes and strategies used by these countries to balance the use of Big Data while safeguarding confidentiality and security of sensitive personal information.


We're proud of the community of skilled and innovative PhD students we built through our PhD Scholarship program.

We're proud of the community of skilled and innovative PhD students we built through our PhD Scholarship program.