Integrated Law Enforcement

After identifying that intelligence and law enforcement agencies required a means to link and access information collected by other agencies in a way suitable for analysis, D2D CRC set out to create a means for them to do so.

The law enforcement community relies increasingly on information generated by other agencies, but that information is often hard to obtain due to agency and system boundaries.

The Integrated Law Enforcement program developed investigative tools and case management solutions for these organisations to effectively link and present collected information to the investigator.

These technologies are now being commercialised by D2D CRC spinout company, NQRY.


Delivered commercial software product

The Integrated Law Enforcement team delivered the commercial software product, NQRY CaseWalls.


Patent applications filed

The Integrated Law Enforcement program filed 3 patent applications for their research and development work.


Publications produced

The Integrated Law Enforcement program produced 105 publications and technical reports in the five years of D2D CRC.


Chris Newell

Development and operations project lead

Chris led the development engineering team. This team worked with the research streams to integrate research outputs into a single product. This work enhanced capabilities to produce a product which improves the capability of law enforcement agencies.

Professor Markus Stumptner

University of South AUstralia

Professor Stumptner led the Federated Data Platform research team. This stream focused on delivering a method to for analysts to access a variety of different data sources stored in multiple locations. The stream addressed these issues so that analysts can run analysis on cross-agency data sets while retaining data security and data ownership.

Dr. Jixue Liu

University of South Australia

Dr. Liu led the Entity Linking research stream. This stream enabled entity resolutions based on relational data and text data. It built entity profiles based on entity matching, search of profiles, identity resolution services for user queries, maintenance of the entity profiles and reccomendations.

Scientia Professor Boualem Benetallah

University of new South Wales

Scientia Professor Benetallah led the Data Curation Foundry research stream. It designed and developed the CaseWalls platform, an APIs and messaging-based investigation management system.

Professor Bruce Thomas

University of South Australia

Professor Thomas led the Narrative Visualisation research stream. This stream developed tools to provide a non-linear means of presenting data to validate arguments in an interactive way.

Professor Rens Scheepers

Deakin University

Professor Scheepers led the Qualitative - End User Evaluation research stream. It bench-marked factors such as the utility of the system to obtain insights into ease of use, discovereability of information and responsiveness.


We're proud of the community of skilled and innovative PhD students we built through our PhD Scholarship program.

We're proud of the community of skilled and innovative PhD students we built through our PhD Scholarship program.